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PolitAnalytics reports back after the sunny team retreat!

PolitAnalytics reports back after the sunny team retreat!

After two pandemic years of working separately, the team came together to strengthen internal relationships and work on important projects!

The inclusivity, diversity and flexibility of our company has allowed us to bring together brilliant minds and valuable personalities from different countries. Over the last few years, digital work has helped us build a close professional relationship from home through daily meetings. Despite the favourable circumstances for individual productivity that this way of working offers, meeting in person gave us a special energy and created an even more pleasant working environment. After a week of nomadic work and team building, we are happy to share with you some of our learnings.

It gives me a very close and comfy feeling, like meeting friends. Remote by default provides any space, time and peace needed to any team individual. Sharing physical time together enables strong ties as well as trust, and builds up new relationships.


The unplanned stuff that happens when people talk to each other and ideas spark...


I really liked the perfect work-live-balance: Running & swimming in the morning and discussions until the brain starts smoking or dinner is served.


This meeting was the best idea to build stronger connections. It was a gift in terms of work and human productivity.


It felt almost magical to meet the colleagues: The trip definitely closed the reality gap and made me like them even more after meeting them in person.


Our team meeting was for me to realise again about what a nice team we are. All in all it was just a fantastic week with fantastic people. Looking forward to the next one!


It definitely made us closer to each other. We managed to have fun together, despite our ages, nationalities, thoughts and ways of being and still synchronized and flocked together. We aren't just talking pixel faces anymore, we are able to listen to each other and move together so as to develop a great product!


It was amazing to see how naturally the interactions that normally take place remotely also happen live, and work very well on a personal level too.


The first takeaway was a sense of pride and joy about the team we've built together. The second one was the possibility to have actual all hands on deck meetings which are much more productive than remotely. These meetings enabled us to strongly voice problems, opinions and solutions from all levels of the team (from business to dev, from junior to senior), which in hand enabled us to create a more efficient workflow.


We had time to discuss, solve and brainstorm problems and difficulties we face in our day-to-day work. I’m looking forward to the next one!


It was the occasion, not to focus on the usual to-do-list but to sync with the rest of the team, unblock a situation or suggest, adapt and learn new methods of management. It was fun too!


I feel much more involved in the development of the product and I can see the big picture. Also, I really enjoyed how we were able to communicate directly regarding work related issues and also non-work related topics. The cultural exchange was really valuable!


Meeting people from the company, all with different cultures and backgrounds and still somehow fit perfectly.


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