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«Transparency In Politics: How To Scale Information For Sustainable Progress»

Our co-founder Clemens Maria Schuster speaks at 2019’s Volcano Innovation Summit in Guatemala.

When it comes to the (political) development of a state as well as to it’s acts of sovereignty, the roles of the state, the government, the private sector, start-ups, and the civil society have changed widely under digital circumstances. By using an open data approach, a governing body can create the foundation for a lasting, sustainable progress.

There are insights from – a Swiss civic-tech startup dealing with open government data (#ogd). We collect, aggregate, refine those data and make them useful. Thus, transparency in politics is enhenced on a large scale just by using existing data. In fact, the whole political process gets immediately much more trustworthy and relevant for all stakeholders, especially the people.

This event is part of a global initiative, which acts as a platform to exchange future visions and experiences. Driven by the mission to incorporate Latin America to the global network of innovation, science and culture by connecting business, entrepreneurs, creative leaders and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration. Taking advantage of Guatemala’s location as a bridge between North, Central and South America, they continue pushing the boundaries for the region from Antigua, Guatemala.

The event has areas open to the public, and will bring together world leaders from all fields; digital, corporate, financial, telecom, cyber, energy, mobile, sustainability and more. Volcano Innovation Summit includes co-located events and sessions, in addition to cultural and social events. Becoming part of the conversation and helping create the most audacious tech innovation summit in the Latin American region is the main goal.

The 2019 edition takes place on May 4, 5 and 6 in Antigua Guatemala.

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